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Circuit training routines / circuit training workouts

Circuit Training is a great way to develop overall fitness without the risks and time commitment of heavy weight training.  Circuit training workouts consist of a variety of resistance exercises targeting multiple muscle groups and performed with higher repetitions than might be typical of traditional weight training programs.  After the first circuit routine is complete, the first movement of the circuit program is repeated and the progression from one movement to the next circuit exercise is normally done with minimal rest.  Circuit training routines will normally consist of several movements combining exercises for the legs as well as upper body and can include aerobic exercises, weight training, resistance bands, calisthenics, boxing and a variety of bodyweight exercises.  Another benefit of circuit training routines is that many circuit workouts can be performed without extensive gym facilities and can be done in a shorter time interval.  Also, circuit training workouts are often performed in group settings with the supervision of a fitness instructor to assure proper exercise technique.  The concept of circuit training programs was developed by Morgan and Anderson at the University of Leeds in England in 1953.   

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This excellent ten-exercise full-body circuit training exercise routine includes several combination movements - a lat pull down with lunge, a squat with reverse grip row, a side lunge with dumbbell curl, a step movement with cable fly, a pushup with rotation, a lunge and overhead press, a sumo squat with upright dumbbell rows, a side lunge with weighted ball lift, double crunches, and finishes with a run...

    Circuit Training Exercises


This simple but effective full body circuit training routine utilizes dumbbells and a step and includes the following exercises - step with dumbbell press, beginner burpees, split lunge with curl, bench rows with dumbbell,  dips for triceps...

     Circuit Training Workouts

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